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JobTice (aka-Job Notice)
Job hunt and recruit done right and simple!

It is a Job Messaging tool that's super fast to meet on-demand job! For job seeker, apply on-demand job just click/tap away, don't wait and missed the job. For small business, hiring must be simple, seamlessly and hassle-free!

"No sign-up, No sign-in"

Often, for the on-demand job industries or businesses (eg:- manufacturing and F&B), it's troublesome to go through the conventional job recruitment process. A tool that's simply like world of mouth approach, people see it, people want it and people (job seeker) connect with the small businesses (hirer) instantly;
No CV, No process & submission.

JobTice was created to simplify and level up the playing field of the existing Job Employment. Employer create the job notice and share/circulate the jobtice link/URL to others (P2P - People to People);
Job seeker see the jobtice and connect to employer fast to take up the job.

You can reach us at or twitter @jobtice

JobTice apply algorithm to determine the validity of the job notice based on the demand rate. But, hirer/company can email us and to notify/inform when the job has been taken with the copy of the jobtice URL.

Thanks for the support! We are constantly working to improve this tool.